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Glass-Fused-to-Steel (Glass-Lined-Steel) is a unique tank finish.  Two materials are fused together to achieve the best properties of both – the strength and flexibility of steel combined with the corrosion resistance of glass.  Applied to both interior and exterior surfaces, Glass-Fused-to-Steel is able to provide many years of trouble free service in harsh environments. This system has been proven over many decades on thousands of installations, and is supported by International Standards which cover the design and finish requirements:

  • International Quality Management Standard – ISO 9001:2008 accreditation of quality standards to guarantee Customer satisfaction.

  • International Standards – Permastore’s quality systems ensure that products meet or exceed the requirements of EN ISO 28765:2016*, AWWA D103-09, EEA 7.20, 7.24 and 7.25 amongst others.  PERMASTORE® structures are engineered with a predicted minimum 30 year design life in accordance with the requirements of ISO 15686-1:2011, ISO 15686-2:2012 and ISO 15686-3:2002 which provide the framework for determining and planning a service life of up to 50 years.

  • International Bodies – Permastore Quality Standards and product testing are independently audited by MPA NRW.  Certified to NSF/ANSI 61.  Approved by the UK Secretary of State under Regulation 31 for drinking water and listed by DWI (Drinking Water Inspectorate) in its List of Approved Products. CE Marking Accreditation for steelwork ancillaries associated with Permastore designed storage tanks. Welding Management System complies with ISO 3834 Part 4 EWF/IIW requirements.

  • Environmental Management – Permastore holds ISO 14001:2004 Accreditation which provides reassurance to customers that we are focused on our social corporate responsibility and the environmental aspect of what we do.


*Note  EN ISO 28765:2016 Vitreous and porcelain enamels – Design of bolted steel tanks for the storage or treatment of water or municipal or industrial effluents and sludges, covers both the glass coating requirement and the tank structure design and as such is the first dedicated international standard specifically created for the Glass-Fused-to-Steel product applicable for water and waste­water applications.


PERMASTORE® Glass‑Fused‑to‑Steel structures have been utilized extensively for the storage and treatment of drinking water, agricultural feed crops and animal waste, industrial effluents and municipal sewage.  Our structures have proven to be reliable and to provide cost effective containment solutions worldwide.

In 2000 we undertook a detailed Design Life review of PERMASTORE® Glass‑Fused‑to‑Steel tanks and silos and determined that our products are suitable for a minimum design life in excess of 30 years.  Our evaluation included the experience we have accrued over a period extending over 40 years in association with the evolution of the design, third party assessment and an ongoing commitment to a programme of continuous product development and improved quality.  The conclusion of this evaluation provides a sound basis for compliance with ISO 15686-1:2011, ISO 15686-2:2012 and ISO 15686-3:2002.

It is also important to differentiate between the terms ‘Design Life’ and ‘Service Life’

  • Design Life is the service life intended by the designer.

  • Service Life is the period of time after installation during which a building or its parts meets or exceeds the performance requirements.

The expected Service Life should therefore be equal to or greater than the Design life.

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